Protect Your Application from Frequency Drift!

Unfortunately, there are many different sources of bad vibrations and noise that can throw off the frequency stability of your application over time… Who needs that!? (In case you’re still thinking, no one!)


Knowing where to locate (and therefore prevent) the most common sources of frequency instablility in your application can prevent annoying frequency drift in your oscillators and applications. 

To make finding these sources of drift as simple as possible for you, we outlined some of the most common sources of frequency instability in a quick downloadable checklist (PDF). 

This Free Downloadable Checklist Includes: 

  • 5 common sources of drift within circuits.
  • 5 common external sources of instability
  • Over 15 specific examples of drift from various mechanical components
  • Common sources of frequency drift/vibration from within spacecrafts
  • 3 direct links to additional, more in-depth, information

Download now for your easy access to the most common sources of frequency drift...anytime!