LP-N Low Power OCXO

The World's Lowest Power OCXO

Low Power. High Performance.

LP62_staticKey features include:
  • 135mW steady state power
  • 350mW start-up power
  • -125dBc/Hz @ 10Hz phase noise
  • 0.5ppb/g acceleration sensitivity
  • Miniature Half-DIP Package

Our low power line offers the highest performance that is expected from a Bliley part, but with a power budget that is a fraction of standard OCXOs. The excellent low power capabilities, combined with the new DIP8 package design, make the LP-N a head-spinner for our competitors. 

“The industry standard DIP8 package size will allow us to be a drop in replacement for our customers that are seeking even lower power or phase noise than what their current low power OCXOs are offering,”

-Greg Rogers, VP of Products.

Not only does the LP-N provide excellent start-up and steady state power capabilities, it also offers superior phase noise and acceleration sensitivity. 

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