Poseidon 2 - Low Phase Noise OCXO Oscillator

The World's Best Low Phase Noise OCXO Oscillator with G-Sensitivity and High-Vibration Tolerance

Poseidon 2 Low phase noise ocxo oscillator with g sensitivity graphShake. Rattle. Roll.

Poseidon 2 Low Phase Noise OCXO Key features include:
  • 0.02 PPB/G acceleration sensitivity
  • -130 dBc/Hz phase noise @ 10Hz
  • ±0.25 PPM 20 year aging
  • Ruggedized packaging

The Poseidon 2 low phase noise, g-sensitivity crystal oscillator is specifically designed for high vibration environments where dynamic phase noise performance is paramount. 

The active compensation and passive isolation provide up to 100x improvement in acceleration sensitivity over standard oscillators.

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