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GPS Disciplined Oscillator for Small Satellite Applications

New Era. New Space.Hyas

Hyas Key features include:
  • ±.5 dB, ±3º amplitude/phase balancing on RF outputs
  • ±10 PPB holdover stability
  • -150 dBc/Hz Phase Noise @ 10Hz offset (Ref Freq:10 MHz)
  • 2.25W Steady-State Power, <3.0W Start-Up Power
  • 1.35"x3.35"x0.815” (34.3mmx85.1mmx20.7mm) and <175 grams Package

Hyas is specifically designed for small satellite applications with a focus on taking GPSDO technology further than ever before. Hyas will work great in a variety of applications such as tracking, communication, and earth observation for the small satellite application.

"By combining OCXO short-term stability and long-term stability achieved by GPS disciplining, out Hyas product provides high precision frequency stability along with multiple amplitude and phase balanced frequency reference signals to coherently feed into multiple payloads onboard small satellites.  It’s form factor allows for ease of integration onboard cubesatellites.” says Darshan Shah, Director of Business Development for Space Products.

Of course, Bliley has applied it's 85+ years of OCXO experience to make Hyas one of the highest quality, lowest-cost, Space OCXOs on the market today. 

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